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version 1.0.0



The CLI application of Athenna can run in three ways. Using the node artisan, the npm scripts inside package.json file or linking the package.json using npm link, this way you can execute your CLI anywhere from your terminal. As node artisan and npm scripts comes by default in your application, we are going to focus in npm link in this documentation.

Registering your CLI command

To register your CLI command name you can simply add the bin object inside your package.json file:

"bin": {
"yourCliCommand": "./bootstrap/main.js"

Entrypoint file

In our example we defined the ./bootstrap/main.js file as the entrypoint file of our CLI. By default, this file comes with the #!/usr/bin/env node in the top of the file. Without this line the npm link command will not work. So just in case you want to define a different entrypoint file, remember that #!/usr/bin/env node should be on the top of this file.

Linking the package.json

Now you just need to run the following command in your project root:

npm link

And now the yourCliCommand will exist in your actual Node.js version:

yourCliCommand --help